Smores Cheesecakes Sammy

I am NOT a smores girl at all!!! I know I’m weird, but I have never been a fan. Maybe I just haven’t had it in the right way, but this one I guarantee you will love because I love it. If you stay to until the end of the video then you will see just how much I love it. lol

It is the perfect blend! I think that I just don’t like the gram part because it is dry, I fixed that problem. The marshmallow center is to over powering so I made it cheesecake marshmallow:) The chocolate is just chocolate there was nothing I changed about that LOL

I think you get the point though…. It was good.

You should definitely try it. The first time I tried the recipe I baked the chocolate into the crust and it burned 😩 so thats when I learned that it just melts pretty easy and I can just set them on top till they melt 🙂 So don’t do what I did!

If you would like the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Cayla Colon