THE Original Cheesecake

This is THE Original Cheesecake 💁 LOL

It really is, I have tried tons, tons, and tons of cheesecakes and this recipe is the absolute best!!

I have honestly never had a cheesecake better, but thats also because I have never been to New York? I need to go desperately! I have made lots of different recipes and this one is the best by far!


If you watched the video I cracked the cheesecake because of fast movement and changing in temperatures quickly so I could film the video in a timely manor haha whoops! Still learning sorry😞

So, to be sure that does NOT happen to you wait to put it in the fridge until cool to touch and don’t remove the spring form until it is completely cool 🌬

To get the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Cayla Colon