Chocolate Cheesecake

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheesecake especially this one. It is the weirdest thing because I am not even a huge fan of chocolate lol. It is the perfect blend of cream with the chocolate, not too much, not to little. Not to mention the Oreo crust….☺️

Most importantly the texture is out of this world with how creamy it is. It is so 🚫IMPORTANT🚫 – KEEP MIXER ON WHILE POURING IN MELTED CHOCOLATE!!! Lol NO I’m serious. It is the key to having that smooth chocolate flavor.

If the mixer is not running while pouring the chocolate will start to harden within seconds leaving specs of  chocolate all around 😒 trust, this has happened before and it is not a good look.

If it does happen no worries you can cover it up with some topping after it is baked!

For the list of ingredients and measurements click HERE! 

Cayla Colon