Summer Peach Cobbler

I am so OBSESSED with Peaches right now!!! They are so good this time of year. I normally have to settle for the canned peaches when I make my peach crisp recipe throughout the year, but since they are in season it's PEACH COBBLER TIME:)))) 


At the beginning of the video tutorial below, I show you the best trick to peeling peaches. Its mind blowing hahah It is the easiest thing. I feel like I should have thought of that, but I learned it on a Pinterest hack! Hope you like the video:) The recipe will be under the video. 

Pre-Heat 350
1- Stick Butter
1/4 Cup- Sugar
1/2 tsp- Cinnamon
2 tsp- Flour
1/2 Cup-Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup- Sugar
1 Cup- Flour
2 tsp- Baking Power
1 Cup- Milk
1 tsp- Vanilla

Cayla Colon