Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding

This dessert is pretty new to me, I never really liked bread pudding because I thought it sounded really nasty lol but it has actually become one of my favorite desserts now!

The first time I made it was a few months ago when I made french bread from scratch and had a left over loaf that I didn’t know what to do with. I thought of making bread pudding because it requires day old bread so it was perfect.

I wasn’t sure if I was making it right, I didn’t want it to be soggy and I defiantly did NOT want it to be dry! In the end it ended up tasting amazing, I’m so glad I tried it:)

It was good when it came out of the oven but the secret vanilla bean sauce is what made it over the top PERRRRFECTION!

Just a quick tip also, I wouldn’t pour the vanilla bean sauce on the bread pudding all at once after it comes out of the oven.. I made sure that with every serving each person had hot and fresh sauce on the top, that way the top still says nice and crunchy;)

Cayla Colon