Oreo Truffles

Quick tip time!!!!!

Use less Oreo’s more cream cheese😉

Usually the recipe calls for 38 Oreos and I used 32 with the same amount of cream cheese to make my truffles creamier then your average Oreo truffle!

And crushed the 5 remaining Oreos( the minus one, I was hungry) lol for decorating the top of them after dipping into the ghirardelli white chocolate.


I used this one instead of the candy quick because it is a lot thiner to coat the truffles more evenly. The candy quick one is thicker and it wouldn’t look as smooth.

The reason the strawberries look so good with that chocolate is because I can wipe off the access on the back so you can’t tell and also its so thick it fills in the bumps from the strawberry seeds 🍓

Thats the BIG difference!

For the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Cayla Colon