Chewy Gooey Oatmeal Cookies

These Cookies have been my all time favorite since I was a little girl! I have yet to taste an oatmeal cookie better than this one and trust me I have tried LOTS and LOTS of oatmeal cookies.

First of all.. most oatmeal cookies have raisins…eww. But most of all they are normally slightly on the dry cakey side witch leads lots of people to saying “I just don’t like oatmeal cookies” based on this fact, but thats just because they haven’t tried these. Anyone that has ever tried these have fallen inlove <3.

AND best of all they are like the fail proof cookie there is truly no right or wrong way to make these babies. Growing up I would make these cookies almost every week during football season on football Sundays for my Dad/(the rest of my family that would come over)  because they are his favorite….literally no joke it was every weekend, he never gets sick of them. I would make tons of different batches of cookies with this same dough baking them at different times and temperatures and no matter what I did they were still amazing it just depends on your preference. I would make them Chewy Gooey for my Dad and I then I would make them almost burnt crispy for my Mom an Aunt Jill.

That is why I say there is truly no right or wrong way to make them. They are completely fail proof. Check out the video on how to make them and to get the ingredients click HERE!

Cayla Colon