Summer Peach Cobbler

I am so OBSESSED with Peaches right now!!! They are so good this time of year. I normally have to settle for the canned peaches when I make my peach crisp recipe throughout the year, but since they are in season it's PEACH COBBLER TIME:)))) 


At the beginning of the video tutorial below, I show you the best trick to peeling peaches. Its mind blowing hahah It is the easiest thing. I feel like I should have thought of that, but I learned it on a Pinterest hack! Hope you like the video:) The recipe will be under the video. 

Pre-Heat 350
1- Stick Butter
1/4 Cup- Sugar
1/2 tsp- Cinnamon
2 tsp- Flour
1/2 Cup-Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup- Sugar
1 Cup- Flour
2 tsp- Baking Power
1 Cup- Milk
1 tsp- Vanilla

Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

For all you Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream fans out there, this one is for you!

It taste just like the ice cream but better.

This cheesecake would also be good with a chocolate drizzle instead of the hot chocolate whipped cream to give it the true flavor.

If you would like it to be more green add in more food coloring for your St. Patty’s day fun 🙂

I couldn’t find the oreos that where regular mint oreos so I used the mint thins, but you can use regular oreos or even the thin mint girl scout cookies would be pretty good also I think.

For the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

This title is a lot to live up to! 3 amazing desserts all in one!!! It is the perfect blend of them also.

I the moist gooey texture with the creaminess of the cheesecake and the taste of red velvet 😳 It’s true brownie heaven ☁️

To get this texture it is important that you don’t thin out your batter by using a bigger pan. The smaller the pan the gooier they get!

The 8×8 pan was perf for me but you might want to use something a little smaller and bake for longer to get that extra extra gooey!!

Click HERE to get the list of measurements and ingredients.

Cheesecake Truffles

These are so easy!!!! If you have leftover cheesecake (doubt it) lol but if you do then perfect. You can also just make a double batch next time and freeze that one for another time to make these perfect treats.

I feel like I would make these instead of chocolate covered strawberries for fun treats to give to people, a nice elegant box of them would be an awesome gift.

They are also so easy to decorate also!

For the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

SugarCookie Cheesecake Cupcakes

Such a long title, but it is all that and more! I was going to add topped with buttercream icing, but that was way way to long hahahaha.

Making the cheesecake with the ooey gooey sugar cookie vs. the decorating sugar cookie makes all the difference. I think I am just in love with that cookie LOL

The best part about this is no crust! I don’t if the crust is your favorite part? If it is you can add it for sure, but I like how everything is so soft and sweet:)

Decorating TIP! Make sure you make your swirl from the inside out because if you do it form the outside in it will look totally different.

For the list of measurements an ingredients click HERE

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

I never thought you can make a cookie with using some of the same ingredients as cheesecake! I was skeptical about making them at first to be honest.

I actually thought they might be just a dry Oreo cheesecake slightly on the sour tasting side 😖(I don’t know why lol), but they were NOT they were amazing!

Its because they are nice and buttery! Butter makes everything better 😊 and with Oreo in every bite you can’t beat it. ANDDDDD they are so easy its crazy. They have a short bake time and can be made in 30 min total!

Click HERE to get the list of measurements and ingredients

Strawberry Cheesecake

Sorry so this video was up like 2 weeks ago and I just noticed I didn’t post the blog, it has been here the whole time 😩, but here you go lol

It’s all about the strawberry jam in this recipe!

The cheesecake is exactly like making the original recipe one that I make but with strawberry jam folded into it… so easy right?

I love how just one ingredient can make the cheesecake totally different.

This this cheesecake because it give the cheesecake a nice light sweet tart flavor 😍

To get the list of measurements an ingredients click HERE

Apple Pie Cheesecake

I know I should have waited till the holidays to do this one. It is a little out of place because spring is in full effect right now, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to share this recipe with you because it is so different from all of the other cheesecake recipes.

This one is truly for my beginner bakers. The cheesecake is so simple because you don’t have to worry about it cracking, the apples hide every imperfection your cheesecake might have. The crust is easy, but you can also just go buy store bought crust if you want it extra extra easy!

The apples play a big part in how it turns out. Make sure they are nice and thin and not all one type because you want a flavor taste not something flat. I found that when baking this the apples get a little bit on the gummy side, I liked it BUT to avoid it place foil on the top for the first 15 min so they still cook they just don’t dry out as fast.

For the list of measurements an ingredients click HERE

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

It is really just a lemon cheesecake I just thought raspberry whipped cream would go great with it!

It is a very spring like dessert, perfect for all of your spring holiday gatherings🌼. It is that perfect amount of tart with that perfect amount of sweetness and creaminess.

Some people use extract, but I am always so nervous using extracts because that can get so chemically tasting. I choose fresh juice every time!

Hopefully you all enjoy the recipe just as much as I enjoyed making it for you 🙂

To get the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Smores Cheesecakes Sammy

I am NOT a smores girl at all!!! I know I’m weird, but I have never been a fan. Maybe I just haven’t had it in the right way, but this one I guarantee you will love because I love it. If you stay to until the end of the video then you will see just how much I love it. lol

It is the perfect blend! I think that I just don’t like the gram part because it is dry, I fixed that problem. The marshmallow center is to over powering so I made it cheesecake marshmallow:) The chocolate is just chocolate there was nothing I changed about that LOL

I think you get the point though…. It was good.

You should definitely try it. The first time I tried the recipe I baked the chocolate into the crust and it burned 😩 so thats when I learned that it just melts pretty easy and I can just set them on top till they melt 🙂 So don’t do what I did!

If you would like the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Carrot Cake Cheesecake

The smell of it alone is amazing, but it looks amazing. The swirls look so pretty!

Making this is a little time consuming, but it is worth it. It will be especially time consuming if you don’t have a food processor. The best thing for me is always making my whipped cream the day before because I hate washing my mixing bowl when switching to other parts of the dessert..hahahah #solazy.

Quick Tip: When mixing the carrot cake part of the cheesecake be sure to NOT over mix anything, mix just till incorporated 😊

For the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Thin Oreo Cheesecake

When I got done making this recipe I thought it looked like a big cheesecake cookie lol I don’t know if it does to you, but it is so thin that it just looks like a big cookie!

I love Oreos, it’s kinda strange because I am not a huge chocolate fan. I ate this for like 3 days nights straight. This recipe is so good and pretty hard to mess up. There are only a few ingredients that just all tie in together, and the drizzle on top is the perfect touch to make it look classy!


Just a quick tip also, don’t mix in the Oreo crumbs all the way because your batter will end up looking grey so just fold it in to create swirls:)

For the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Banana Cheesecake


I love banana flavored things 😍 its my favorite!!! I get that flavor every time I go to get ice cream or a milk shake…. Soooo good.

When I made this simple NO-BAKE Cheesecake it was so easy I didn’t even have to put it in the oven. I just had to put the crust in the oven to make it nice and crispy 😙


When you are building your cheesecake make sure all the bananas are covered, if they aren’t they will brown extra fast!

Click HERE to get the list of measurements and ingredients

Coffee Cheesecake

I didn’t mention this in the video but this is my best friends favorite cheesecake of all time! If you have seen my VLOG #2 on on my channel she also does my hair 💇🏼

It is sooo good and creamy! I was inspired by the coffee ice cream from cold stone. That particular flavor is so yummy I get it without toppings 😂

If you are a coffee drinker you will love this! It almost tastes like a mocha since it is so sweet, then you get the chocolate from the Oreo crust, and to top it all off whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. 👌🏼

The water and coffee makes the batter thin and cracks BUT no worries! we cover it with the whipped cream anyways.

To get the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Strawberry Cheesecakes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these things. They are sooo pretty with that strawberry on top, it makes all the difference. Any fresh fruit on them is pretty, but I especially love the strawberries. 🍓

You should defiantly take them to what ever function you have because they are perfect individual portions.  

For the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Better than Baskin Robins Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! 🍀

And it is so easy and quick to make for St. Patricks Day coming up. It would also be really cool for kids to have their own pint of ice cream at home so if you want to wait for it over night than I would use pints or those little mini mason jar to make it personal size instead of the dish:)

I made an Ice Cream Sunday in my video, but you can have it how ever you want. I was even thinking (since it melts so fast) to make a milk shake out of it 😋 that used to be my favorite thing to get when I was little. MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP SHAKE PLEASE!!!! But I would get it at my local Ice Cream Parlor in Sacramento VIC'S Ice Cream. 

To make whipped cream to go on top CLICK HERE!


2 Cups- Heavy Whipping Cream

1 Can- Sweetened Condensed Milk

1tsp- Vanilla

1/2tsp- Mint Extract

1/2 Cup- Semi- Sweet Chocolate Chips(or more lol)

2 Drops Green Food Coloring

Hope you liked this easy ice cream dessert tutorial!!! 

Green Velvet Cupcakes

Perfect for St. Patty’s Day!!!! 💚

I never would of thought of this until I found a picture on Pinterest of a Pink Velvet Cake hahah. I thought to myself, you CAN make different colors!? Duh? lol

So that leads me into making these green gems for the festive holiday coming up  🙃  The batter looks so weird to me because I am so used to RED, but ill get used to it.

The thing I love about cupcakes is that they have a super quick bake time, and at the same time you get that same cake flavor and moist texture that you would get if you had to bake an entire cake.

Not to mention how easy they are to to decorate! All I used was a BIG open tip(807), but if you don’t have that size tip you can also use an open coupler, or just a zip lock bag with a big whole lol

I crumbled up a little bit of an extra cupcake I had to ad a nice elegant touch, but if you would like to go with a more festive touch for kids you could use those shamrock rings in the center.


For the list of measurements and ingredients click HERE

Taco Soup! 🌮

🚫I forgot to mention in the video it is medium heat the entire time:)))🚫

Soooo I feel kinda silly for even posting this, but most people don't believe me that this is really as easy as I say it is so I had to make a video of it. This taco soup recipe is made once a week in my house and it is actually one of the very few things I will eat left over lol

I am DEF not a health educator in any way, but I feel like its pretty healthy. Other that the sour cream and chips I feel like its on of the healthiest meals I eat. I do kinda put a lot of each of those in it, but I can't help it. Its just so good hahaha I need to pretty much have every topping in every bite😜


Hope you enjoy the recipe and video! 

1 Lb Ground Turkey 

1 Can Kidney Beans

1 Can Kernnel Corn 

1 Can Diced Tomatoes

1 Packet Taco Mix

Toppings: Sour Cream, Cheese, Avocado, Chips

10 Tips and Tricks

Hopefully these 10 tips and tricks help you out! You might already know them, but just incase you didn't they are pretty important to making your desserts taste the best they can be:) Not to say it is the only way to bake I'm just sharing from my own experiences. Hope you like it here is the FREE Printable Guide! 

Click the video to watch me give pretty long explainations of each tip LOL

Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding

This dessert is pretty new to me, I never really liked bread pudding because I thought it sounded really nasty lol but it has actually become one of my favorite desserts now!

The first time I made it was a few months ago when I made french bread from scratch and had a left over loaf that I didn’t know what to do with. I thought of making bread pudding because it requires day old bread so it was perfect.

I wasn’t sure if I was making it right, I didn’t want it to be soggy and I defiantly did NOT want it to be dry! In the end it ended up tasting amazing, I’m so glad I tried it:)

It was good when it came out of the oven but the secret vanilla bean sauce is what made it over the top PERRRRFECTION!

Just a quick tip also, I wouldn’t pour the vanilla bean sauce on the bread pudding all at once after it comes out of the oven.. I made sure that with every serving each person had hot and fresh sauce on the top, that way the top still says nice and crunchy;)